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Articles of Association for Yemeni Seafood Exporters Association     

Chapter 1 : Naming and definitions

Article (1):
This Role is called (Articles of Associations for Yemeni Seafood Exporters Association).

  1. Yemeni Seafood Exporters Association is established under this role and accordance with the law of National Associations and Establishments No.(1) for the year 2001.
  2. For the purpose of applying this rule all the wording and the sentences should be clear and understandable accordingly :-
  3. The Republic: Republic of Yemen.
  4. The Law       : National Law of associations and establishments No.(1)for the year 2001.
  5. Contract of Association: Is the Contract signed by establishing members.
  6. Ministry       : Ministry of Social Affairs and Work.
  7. Minister       : Minister of Social Affairs and Work
  8. Article of Association: Article of Association for the Association.
  9. Association: Yemeni Seafood Exporters Association. (YSEA). This association safeguards interests of its members.
  10. Geographical Territory: Republic of Yemen.
  11. Headquarters: Sana’a and it is permitted to open branches in other Governorates in coordination with the Ministry.
  12. Relative Ministry: Ministry of Fish Wealth.
  13. Relative Minister: Minister of Fish Wealth.
  14. General Assembly: All members who are establishers and all who are entitled for the membership in accordance with compliance of membership provisions.
  15. Administrative Board: The Elected Board by the General Assembly among its members.
  16. Monitoring Committee: The Elected Committee for control and inspection by the General Assembly among its members.
  17. The Bank: Any recognized bank in the Republic used to deposit YSEA funds.
  18. The Branch: The established Branch by the Administrative Board and approved by the General Assembly.

Article (2): YSEA is a national non- governmental organization with                                  
And independent financial identity after it has been recognized by the 
Ministry in accordance with the provisions of the law of Associations and  
Establishments No (1) for the year 2001.   

Chapter ( 2 ): Goals :

Article (3): YSEA aims to achieve the following:-

    1. To strive for relations promotion and dominating experience exchange concept and bilateral benefits among its members and other private companies and establishments of similar interest with TSEA activities.
    2. To organize meetings, seminars and conferences of concern to the members activities.
    3. To organize cultural, sporting, social and medical activities among the members.
    4. To carry out feasibity studies, diagnostic studies and consultancies of concern to YSEA and its members activities.
    5. To promote brother ship spirit and cooperation among members to share the promotion and bonding of social and commercial relations among them.
    6. To promote the occupation role and play active contribution in the overall social and economic development.
    7. To issue booklets, brochures and informational media that defines the marine livestock’s in Yemen and their good quality.

Article (4):   YSEA tasks and

  1. To give importance to the occupation fields and show the suitable practices and methods of fishing.
  2. To contribute in solving the fishing problems and support fishermen technically and
  3. To carry out required diagnostic studies, research statistics, make contacts with other organizations and in coordination with relative authorities in the way that services the fishermen.
  4. To protect the occupation rights and to activate the occupation of fishermen.

Article ( 5 ):   The membership is open to who is interested to be YSEA member  of private sector seafood exporters provided with following conditions :-

  1. His age not less than 18 years.
  2. An exporter licensed for fish or seafood products or his company or establishment represented by him by a recognized license by the relative authorities.
  3. Every company, establishment or corporation should have representatives in the General Assembly.
  4. To pay all contribution fees and all concerns him towards YSEA.
  5. Of good conduct and convicted by the court for misconduct or dishonesty unless dismissed by the court.

Article (6):   Who is complied with membership conditions provided in Article (5) of this Rule has the right in writing to YSEA Administrative Board. I f his application is not answered within on month, he shall be considered accepted by law enforcement If the application is denied YSEA must state the cause, in which case he can appeal to the court or the Relative Ministry.

Article (7): When YSEA Administrative Board accepts the application must convey it to the General Assembly for approval and becomes effective when the majority of members vote positively.

Chapter (2): Membership expiry.
Article (8):  Expiry of the membership is according to the following cases:-
1-Voluntary resignation.
2- In case of death.
3- Expelled by reasoned decision.
4- Unpaid fees or unpaid obliged commitments towards YSEA.
5- If one condition of membership is missed in accordance with Article (4)      of this Rule or if a felony to the Exuted Laws is committed.
6-If a member tries to harm YSEA reputation or another member or mishandle the purposes or tasks for which YSEA was established.

First           : The rights:

Article (9): The member exerts the following rights:-

  1. 1- Attend sessional and exceptional meetings of the General Assembly and express his opinions and raise arguments.
  2. 2- To be a candidate and to vote to be a member of the Administrative Board or Control Committee or any other committee  to be named by TSEA in future.
  3. 3- To have the pleasure of all services carried out by YSEA and to contribute in all activities.
  4. 4- Obtain the membership card of YSEA.

Second      : The duties
Article (10): The member must be aware of the following:-

  1. To strive for achieving YSEA goals.
  2. To be obliged by the provisions of this Rule and issued decisions and bylaws.
  3. Attend meetings when requested.
  4. To pay the membership fees.
  5. Do not carry out any job that contradicts YSEA goals or harm her or one of its members.

Article (11): The organizational chart of YSEA composes of:-

  1. The Deneral Asembly.
  2. The Administrative Board.
  3. The Monitoring Committee.

Article (12): The General Assembly composes of the establishing and the joined ad hoc members who paid the annual membership fees. Those who lasted for their membership at least three months, and perform the following:-

  1. Discussing and approving the financial accounts, the budget and appointing chartered accountants.
  2. Elect the Administrative Board and Control Committee among its members.
  3. Discuss and approve the internal system and any amendments there to.
  4. Study and announce the yearly subscription fees.
  5. To approve the budget and the yearly plan.
  6. To look into and approve financial and administrative reports and overall accounts and all circulars related to the Administrative Board.
  7. Dismiss all or part of the Administrative Board or Control Committee.
  8. Any other involved matter or that law may intervenes.

Article (13): The General Assembly meets at least once a year upon a request from the chairman of the Administrative Board or his deputy provided that the Board prepares an agenda to be handed to members before the called meeting. Also the General Assembly may meet occasionally by request of its chairman or a request of one third of the members or request by the Ministry.

Article (14): Meetings of the General Assembly is considered decisive if 51% of members are present. If not, meeting should be adjourned to at least one week. If still members are less than 51% then another try to meet after 24 hours and that gives the right to meet at any number. Approval only is effective if more than half of the present members are positive, if present is equalized then the half which is chosen should contain the vote of the chairman.

Article (15):  Normal and un-normal sessions of the General Assembly decides action taken by the votes of the majority members.

Article (16): The Administrative Board constitutes of (7) members and (2) reserved members to be elected by the General Assembly among its members by applying secret elections or directly by recommendation.
Article (17): The duration of the Administrative Board is determined by (3) from date of the elections and constitutes of the following:-

  1. The chairman
  2. Secretary General.
  3. Financial Officer.

The rest of the posts should be determined upon holding the first establishing meeting.

Article (18): The Administrative Board should meet once every three months. Resolution taken is considered effective if decided by majority members unless vetoed by an equal then the voice chairman in the other half win the resolution. In abnormal meetings, the majority members decide a resolution.

Article (19): The Administrative Board is specialized by:-
1-Decides general policy, system, annual plans and bylaws and raises them to the General Assembly for approval or amended.
2- Review the financial data, to prepare and approve the estimated budget as well as raising them to General Assembly for its approval.
3- To invite the General Assembly for meetings after acceptance of the members in accordance with the law quorum.
4- To implement the General Assembly resolutions.
5- Prepare the annual plan and activities.
6- Approve all YSEA requirements.
7- Organize the business of YSEA.

Article (20): The Administrative Board specifies duties of its members and determines their tasks in the internal bylaws.

Article (21): The duties of the chairman of the Administrative Board are as follows:-

  1. Represents YSEA in courts and in front the others.
  2. Chair the meetings of Administrative Board and General Assembly as well as calling for their meetings.
  3. Approves the meetings agenda of the Administrative Board.
  4. Signs jointly with Secretary General and Financial Officer on the cheques and payment vouchers.
  5. Signs contracts and agreements with the others.
  6. Signs all issued letters by YSEA.
  7. Facilitates YSEA administrative, financial and technical affairs as well as appoint employees and determines their salaries and rewards.
  8. Signs all contracts and correspondences of YSEA in accordance with the Law as well as constitutes all sorts of committees.

Article (22): The duties of the Secretary General are as follows:-

  1. Assist YSEA Chairman in his duties and represents him in case of his absence.
  2. Supervise and follow s up YSEA business and projects, to put forth their implementation steps and raise periodical reports upon activities carried out.
  3. Carry out day to day YSEA business concerning the administrative fields.
  4. Signs jointly with the Chairman and Financial Officer on the cheques and payment vouchers.
  5. Keeps all files and special registries of the Administrative Board and documenting its meetings minutes.

Article (23): The Financial Officer duties are as follows:-

    1. Receives and follow up all amounts due to YSEA in accordance with the Rule and internal bylaw and deposit them to the Bank in YSEA account.
    2. Keeps book accounting and registers income and expenditures.
    3. Signs jointly with Chairman and Secretary General on cheques and payment vouchers.
    4. Before end of the financial year, he prepares closing of accounts income, expenses, and general budget, balance statement, balance sheets and makes the financial and account report with YSEA Chairman and Secretary General.
    5. Effects payments after making sure of the documentation and its truthfulness and after the agreement of YSEA Chairman and Secretary General.
    6. Procurement, supervise and control stores as well as make sure to have enough required supplies at all time.

Article (24); The Monitoring Committee is responsible jointly with the Administrative Board for implementing the Rule and internal bylaws.

Article (25): The General Assembly in one of its meetings elects a Monitoring Committee among its members composed of (3) members and (2) reserved members provided that they are not of Administrative Board.
Article (26); The Monitoring Committee meets every three months and its meetings are legal with presence of majority members.

Article (27): Duties of the Monitoring Committee are as follows:-

  1. Control duties of the Administrative Board members in accordance with resolutions of the General Assembly, this Rule and provisions of the Law and ensures every thing is legal.
  2. Review the financial balance sheet, correspondence, registers, payment vouchers and sign them in order to benefit the review.
  3. Submit a yearly report to the General Assembly on duties of the Administrative Board undermining any illegal act.
  4. Review financial, administrative reports and payment vouchers and sign them in order to benefit the review.
  5. Listening and looking into complaints of members.

Article (28): The Administrative Board should give the Monitoring Committee all documents related to its duties. The Monitoring Committee may attend meetings of the Administrative Board, without voting only listening and make notes.

Article (29): YSEA Financial Incomes are as follows:-

  1. Joining fees of (50, 000 YR) fifty thousand Yemeni riyals.
  2. Monthly fees of (50, 000 YR) fifty thousand Yemeni Riyals.
  3. The gifts , grants and donations  provided from the others which should not contradict with the Laws.
  4. Unconditioned grants provided by the others.
  5. Any other legal incomes.

Article (30): The financial year for YSEA is the same of that followed by the State, except the establishing year that should be included in the following year.

Article (31): In case of discontinuation, assets of YSEA are given away to another similar association in activities or welfare works.

Article (32): In case of incorporation, ad join, unilateral, insolvency, then it becomes liable to the provisions of articles (44, 45, 46, 47, and 48) of the Law.

Article (33): Membership of YSEA is open for all, provided that compliance with conditions of membership in Article (7) of this Rule.

Article (34): Rules, bylaws and decisions issued by the General Assembly is deemed as part of this Rule provided they do not contradict the provisions of the Law.

Article (35): YSEA has the right to ad join , unilateral, insolvency, by agreement of majority of General Assembly in accordance with the Law.

Article (36): Any Article, word, phrase, etc unmentioned or omitted it should be referred to the Law.

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